The Merlewood Light Railway

A privately owned 7 1/4 inch gauge garden railway

April 2015

With the boiler re-tubed, hydraulic test passed and the loco' reassembled it was time to see if she would raise steam. She did!


February 2015

Yes, I know it's been well over two years since I updated this page and quite a bit has happened since then, the latest project being the boiler work on the steam loco' that I purchased in October, below are some of the latest pictures of progress so far.


 Above: All boiler tubes have been removed, a number of them had rusted through, so a complete set of new ones will be fitted. Thankfully the boiler shell and tube plates appear to be in excellent condition.


Above: a view of the MJ Bagnall cylinder and slidebar arrangement, Can't wait to see these in action!


Autumn 2012

It's been a while since the last update, but here's a few pictures from the 2012 season.


Chris Russell and David Rowbotham enjoying a visit to the MLR this summer.


5th February 2012

Overnight snowfall meant some clearance work was required before we could find the track

Once track was cleared we could run a train.




December 2011

Winter on the MLR

October 8th 2011

The MLR 'Harvest special'.

Yes, a proper working horticultural railway conveying fresh produce straight from the vegetable garden to the kitchen door!

September 24th 2011

  The MLR 'Pumpkin Special'

 What better way to transport pumpkin from veg patch to house? Especially when it's this big!


September 15th 2011

Completion of ballasting, there are just two lengths of track to lay then phase one is completed.

Below shows the view from the patio up to 'conifer bend'


 Below: The 'Hedge End' halt with recently refurbished bench.

  Below: the view round 'conifer bend'

 Below: The bridge across the wildlife pond, heading back towards the patio.

June 5th 2011

Platform surfaced and boarded crossing completed.

21 May 2011

MLR 1 shows off her new exhaust pipe at the BDSME meet, in Weeting.


  some ugly git enjoying himself a little too much!

May 1st

Track installed into new cutting, now awaiting ballasting. I also took the opportunity to build the platform edge utlising recycled stable blocks and bricks.





April 24th

Railway cutting is now lined to prevent land-slip using recycled paving slabs given to me by a generous benefactor, (one of our neighbours).



March 26th/27th 2011

Completion of the excavation work for the cutting, not long now until the track goes in!